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Because we can all use a boost.
The perfect gift to boost your wifi signal, boost productivity and boost spirits.
The kit includes a WiFi extender, an adjustable phone stand and a desktop cable organizer each branded with a full color logo.  The 3 products come packaged in a white magnetic gift box (Silken Midi) with foam insert.
Time to upgrade your WFH setup
The DeskSaver Kit Music includes three practical products to upgrade your work-from-home experience.  A mini Bluetooth speaker can provide calming ambience or use the built-in mic for conference calls.  The adjustable phone stand keeps your phone front and center while the cable organizer keeps your desktop...
A complete package to elevate your desk game
Whether you’re working from home or the office, the DeskSaver Kit Power is sure to improve any workspace (and morale).  The kit is beautifully packaged in a white gift box with magnetic flap closure.  Three practical desk items are securely displayed in the foam insert.
This special offer includes...
Survive work/home life
2020 has had its challenges.  Help keep the team engaged and thriving with the Survival Kit.  The kit includes 4 fun items to keep the mind and workspace balanced. Packaged in a black gift box, the products remain securely nested in the foam insert.
Kit includes branding on the 3 products.
Dropship friendly....
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